Tuesday, 20 January 2009





mari said...

Hei! jeg likte ditt hår!! forsto ikke helt hvorfor du så annerledes ut på det første bildet, men var jo skillen! ses imorgen den dag:)


Frenchie said...

yeaaaah i love blue on you sweetie!
you went way darker too,but that looks good :)
i'm gonna go back to black...done with the red hair,i need my darker side again lol

Anonymous said...

i really like the blue on you but i still think that purple would look better. hihi.
however, you look as gorgeous as always.

Ash Twinkle said...

Mari: Takk =) Ja, det er ganske stor fargeforskjell i forhold til hvilken side jeg har skillen! xo

French lady: You look stunning with black hair, go for it! I remember the first time we met, i think you had black hair then? xoxo

Lina: yes yes yes, i know purple was your favourite;) I was thinking about pink and purple, but i totally fell for that blue colour as i saw it on the girl on the picture i posted! xoxo

Anonymous said...

okay... i forgive you. ;D
however, i'm still hoping that you will dye it purple someday. hihi.

Frenchie said...

yeah, was kinda black but fadded though and my hair was still all fucked up burnt so shhhhhh try to forget lol
on another note No Doubt are touring (yes they are!!) this summer in the US with Paramore as opening act so you should come when they play here and we'll have a "Girl Power" concert...lmao!