Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sushi upgrade

Im making home made tempura maki sushi today, messy messy lol.
This is supposed to be the new, improved and advanced version of that last sushi i made.
Or actually, it was "WE MADE." Today i'm alone, and will do my best to impress the boy when he comes over later. Or possibly food poison him, but hey, i cleaned my flat AND made it to first day of school today, karma should be on my side.

AND im also happy as ive got a new hair appointment next week, im going even brighter, and even darker, and might add another colour. red, purple, blue or pink. i cant decide. what do you think?

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Which colour shall i choose??



Frenchie said...

I would say pink would best suit your personality BUT i'm also a huge fan of purple (that you knew) and blue would actually be different and blue looks good on you...so yeah bottom line is pink or blue in my opinion ^^
you have to send me a pic when it's done :)
where's the message i'm waiting for??? ;)

Troll said...

I'd say purple. I'd go for purple myself if I had the hair for it. But I haven't. But you have. So go for it. Freak out!

In said...

I vote 4 purple!!...and blue!! both are gonna look great on you! <3

Ingrid said...

I agree with "In" !! :D

Anonymous said...

purple!!!!! =)