Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Glamour and red lipstick

he looked at her for a slight moment
the trees were greener than she remembered
i think i need one more of those
butler, she said
the wine tastes like spring
your dress is ready
he took her arm and carried her into the garden
i love you
she whispers
i found these beautiful cards yesterday, i love how they look so old, and filled with glamour

Which one do you like the most?



Frenchie said...

I really love the one with the lil girl holding her face between her hands, looks so innocent and pretty.

Anonymous said...

they're all sooo great... can't decide which one i like most! :(
sometimes i think i would enjoy life more in the good old days. haha.
the times back then were more glamourous than they are these days.

Ash Twinkle said...

Frenchie and Lina: ah the glamour, i wish i could jump into one of the pictures for a day or two:)

coming with me?


lina.luka. said...

yesss... definitely... let's time travel. hehe. =)