Saturday, 4 July 2009

zig-ah-zig ahh wig

Wigs. They're not just for halloween kids and Cher.
This year Lady Gaga made it acceptable for everyone to wear a wig.
As long as you do it properly. Anything else will make you look even worse than you did when you wore green mascara and leggings with a flare back in the 90'es.
The only problem is that her wigs cost as much as my entire monthly paycheck.
So. I cant really afford a blonde wig that looks real. My tip is; go for a darker one instead, they tend to look more natural than blonde ones.

(uhm Lily Allen, note to self!)

Speaking of Gaga, and her flawless look. I came across the au naturel version of her, and it pleases me to know that she doesnt look much better than I do without make up, hair straightener, and extensions.
LADY GAGA NO MAKE UP Pictures, Images and Photos
Her boy looks cute btw:)

Now THIS is how to rock a wig!
Lady GaGa Pictures, Images and Photos

This one looks cute.
585.- / WIG cc002 Pictures, Images and Photos

Its too hot to use heated devices to fix my hair these days, so ive made friends with a big hair clip to keep the curls out of my face^^

What do you do with your hair in the heat?


lina.luka. said...

i do exactly the same like you. it is way too hot to keep the hair down!!!

you always look so beautiful... i hate you. haha. i'm jealous. :(

Paulet said...

I really love your blog *-* you are so cute ^__^your hair is perfect. Have you got flickr o something like that? Kisses from Argentina :D

Ash Twinkle said...

Lina: Im about to post some pics of me after a swim in the sea with make up on and a bottle of champagne inside. We'll see if you're still jealous then^^

Love xoxo

Ash Twinkle said...


Hey!! And welcome! Wow, Argentina=)
Thanks for your comment, i hope you'll keep reading my blog:)

I havent got flickr yet, but will get it soon.
But i have a myspace band page, because im the singer of Bats&Bows, so go check out if you like!

I tried to go to your profile here, but its private, so unfortunately i can't see it! =/

xoxo Christina/ Daylight Twinkle

lina.luka. said...

can't wait to see the pics but i'm quite sure you'll look as pretty as always and i'll be as jealous as always. :P

JuLi said...

She´s not real. Jarajara says shes just not human. I start to believe it! Ilia says we are xtoned

JuLi said...

She´s not real. Jarajara says shes just not human. I start to believe it! Ilia says we are xtoned