Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Woah! How did i get 2000 views in one day?

At least my photobucket account tells me that a few of my pictures suddenly got between 700 and 2000 views a few days ago!!! Can anyone tell me how that happened? ^^

I have no idea! Has anyone linked to my blog or something?
Please leave a comment and let me know, anyone!

For those of you who come here, thank you so much.
Ive stopped blogging on this page, but am now active here:


xoxo Christina


Casey "The Boss" George said...

There is a new group on facebook called "Holy Crap-Lady Gaga with no makeup on" ...its a SPAM group where they say to invite your friends and yadda, yadda...so im assuming a bunch of people like me went to Google Images and typed in "Lady Gaga with no Makeup" and a pic from your site comes up like 2nd...so that probably explains the influx of traffic...congrats

Katie said...

That's how I got here...