Thursday, 11 December 2008

Goth cookie castle

Remember i bragged about making a cookie castle?
Well, i did.
And its time to share the joy.

5 hours of baking,
1.5 hours of decorating
20 minutes of swearing
3 types of food colouring
1 burnt finger (giant blister included)
...and alot of passion.

Step one
Cookie dough. 2 kilos.

We put Bert McCracken and his friends into the CD Player and started cutting the squares and other geometrical wonders out of the cookie dough.

Then baked them. It took about forever.

My friend there, all excited that we're building him a house.
Construction parts all over

Food colouring.

Considering this is how my hand looks after washing it TWICE with soap, im confused why we dont just use a Sharpie to decorate. Will i get smurf poo from eating this?

Fear of food colouring intoxication already forgotten.
(Photo by

Back to decorating.

The design team.

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Result:


Its a cupcake on the side ^^


Frenchie said...

GOOD job babe!!it looks great...and still yummy!
i made some mint chocolate brownie this week...maybe we can trade a piece of each?;)

Anonymous said...

looks really great. i want to have one... make me one. :P

pezman2000 said...

As the assistant designer on this project, and generally a happy gingerbread-cookie-eater I'd say: Let's make a living out of this: ) We could make houses and castles all year through and sell them on ebay: ) And finally one day achieve a life-long dream of mine...make a cookiecastle large enough to live in it! We could place it somewhere in the forest and live happily ever after : )