Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sushi on a budget

Santa took all my money and turned them into presents late 2008,
so here's a tip for low budget luxury:

Make sushi yourself!

I convinced my understanding boyfriend that veggie sushi was the thing.
Didnt really feel like pushing digestive limits.
Nor did i feel like having salmon left overs all over my coke can size kitchen.
Oh and yes, fish is expensive.

So, shopping list;

Sushi rice (no, Uncle Ben's 5 minute rice will NOT do)
Sea weed sheets
Green scary put-throat-on-fire paste
Soya sauce

That rice was so sticky.

Now let me present; veggie maki rolls!

Should we start taking orders?!



Frenchie said...

Chrissy and Jannis the sushi chefs!
you gotta make us some when we'll bring our asses to Norway...i'll skip the wasabi though and have double ratio of soy sauce :D

Ash Twinkle said...

Of course, in this super pro and service minded sushi shop we try to make the customers as happy as possible. I'd even throw in a green tea leaf just for you^^


Frenchie said...

that would definitely enhance the sushi experience!
*everything tastes better with green tea*

Anonymous said...

looks delicious... i want cucumber makis!!! can you make me some and send them to vienna? lol.

Ash Twinkle said...
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Ash Twinkle said...

Oops, clumsy me, deleted my own reply. New try:

One order of avocado/cucumber maki is on the way to Vienna! They might not look as fresh as they do on these pictures when they arrive though^^

Anonymous said...

hahaha... well you have to put them in one of those food boxes to keep them fresh! :D
and please make me some without avocado... i don't like avocados in makis. ;)