Monday, 9 February 2009


So, you voted, and here's the first country, Sweden:

Sweden, ladies and gentlemen, is Norways big sister.
They adopt new trends before we even have the time to get rid of our year 1999 flare jeans,
they dare to do things we love to criticize them for, only to copy them the year after.
Sweden shouts when we whisper, they dance when we sit, and they take chances when we wait to see if they fall. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they're amazing.

Sweden is: Blondes
Sometimes like this: underwear model
Victoria Silvstedt

Sometimes like this: sports goddess
Carolina Kluft

And sometimes the same girl can transform into:
Carolina Kluft

Some blondes are amazing musicians, like this cool girl:

Sweden is: Bands

Speaking of music. Sweden gave birth to a very HOT guy, in a very HOT band:
The Backyard Babies.
And one of my favourite pictures of the lead singer; Dregen:

Oh and let's not forget: Roxette. I learnt their lyrics before i even knew how to speak english
They were idols then, and they still are:

Sweden is: Design

What would students do without IKEA?

Ok, so you never find the way out of the labyrint at the start, but after screaming, carrying and complaining yourself through the shop, you eventually get the grip of it. After like 8 visits.
Ok, so the table isn't that stable, yes, there is a screw missing, yes, everyone you know between 18 and 30 has the same sofa as you, and yes, the bed sheets do not fit your bed as the swedes for some reason make beds with different measures. We love IKEA=)

On to the next:
Nudie jeans

2006 was the year.
Every male between 11 years and 50 stormed the shops to get a pair of these jeans.
The kids weren't cool, the teenager wasnt hot, the guy in the pub wasnt dateable,
the young dad wasnt well dressed, and the midlife crisis man wasnt hip enough for his Porsche
without a pair of Nudie jeans.

They're still making great fits and washes, and their girl jeans are different from all others.

Ericsson was one of the first mobile phones to get really big.
Too bad they didnt develop their screens as fast as Nokia, and suddenly
everyone with a Nokia could send eachother amazingly charming teddybears and hearts made of /// and ** and ::: and ----- and you get the point.
Ericsson still had that tiny little pregnancy-test-sized screen and the teddybears looked more like an angry sms ***---*-////!!!!!!'''. Not so nice.

But they got together with Sony, and wow, they're back! Stronger than ever
SonyEricsson w61S

The swedes make probably the most well known vodka in the world.
The Absolut.
This year they've mad a super chic sequin version:

Sweden is: Food

It means "meat balls"
And its the dish Sweden is most known for here in Norway. They sell them at IKEA,
frozen, to take home, or already made with potatoes and brown sauce.
They're actually quite good.

I haven't been to Sweden since i was a child, so unfortunately there's no
lovely holiday pictures of me in this update^^

So, what did you think of Sweden?



Desidusk said...

Se her ja..du har gjort hjemmeleksa di:) og jaggu fant du ikke noen fra flokken din i sverige også:P hehe.. flinkis!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... amazing. i loved reading your blog. i like your writing style.

and true... i would die on the spot without ikea. lol.
i also got lost the first time i went there. hahahaha.

oh... and i like sony ericsson mobile phones better than nokia. better quality. ;)

can't wait for the next country/city. hehe.


Ash Twinkle said...

yeah Lina, your choice of country is up next =)

thanks for all the kudos, it makes my little heart smile!


Anonymous said...

really??? london is next??? yesss!
can't wait. hihi.