Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Barbie needs a drink

All inspired by the last blog entry, i've decided to go find the pinkest pink drink possible tonight. Im finally going out with the girls, which i havent done in ages, and what's better than to celebrate with the happiest, sprarkliest, sweetest drink.
I have no idea what they're called.


That'll keep me occupied for at least half an hour.
It looks like a dead and chopped squid, but they claim its coconut.
Look at that glowing pink ball inside!

Do you know any pink drink names?

Just to save me from the "hello mister bartender, would you please make me a uhm, eh, something REALLY PINK, like, with 30% pink food colouring in it, that'll make my teeth look the same colour as my lips for a week?"



Anonymous said...

i've no idea that those drinks are called but if you ever find out let me know! hehe. ;)

Ash Twinkle said...

Lina: I'll go spy in a drink book, do some more research before i the Pink Drink search goes on:)
I'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

can't wait for your research's results. lol.

Tally said...

I think the drinks in the first picture are called "pink ladies", also pink slippers are yummy :)

Hope this helps! (I stumbled across your blog on a lady gaga search, hehe).

Robin said...

There is also another drink called "Pink Panther" It's very delicous :)

Anonymous said...

try this website fot the name of the first drink :)

Erin said...

the first drink looks like a grapefruit mojito