Thursday, 16 April 2009

The cutest kitten

Look at the blush/pencil holder!!! awwwww^^



Frenchie said...

i'm not a Hello Kitty fan but that is a very cute pencil you like the Swarovski collection too?
ok i gotta go to work but i'll comment on your second blog when i get home tonight ^^
take care hun!

lina.luka. said...

i want that blush/pencil holder. :D
i looove hello kitty.
i was thinking about getting a hello kitty tattoo... but i don't know...
what do you think???
waiting for your answer because your opinion is important to me. ;)

Ash Twinkle said...

Frenchie: There is a Swarowsky collection? ooooh lala, that's passed me by (how????) im gonna look for it! sorry i took forever to reply, but all comments should be replied to now:) love xoxox

Ash Twinkle said...

Lina: Yeah, ive been looking at hello kitty tattoo designs too. I'll say "go for it, BUT make sure to make it personal!!" I decided not to get hello kitty as a tattoo because i find it utterly hard to swallow that H&M sell bras with the same design as my potential tattoo. It feels a bit like the RAMONES-tshirts we see everywhere. If you get a h.kitty tat, make sure to design her in a setting that noone else have! i have a pic of a girl with a really cute h.kitty tat, im gonna show you:) but, try looking at other japan cartoon designs too, theres so much cute stuff, im sure you know:) xoxo

Frenchie said...

yup, just released a limited edition watch and they used to have a pendant and stuff...i saw a HUGE hello kitty bling bling pendant yesterday while shopping with my friend Sarah and thought of you ;)