Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Feeling by Apperance 1

You know what i mean when i say; if you feel good, you look good, BUT if you look good, chances are big you'll feel good too^^
Im not talking about designer jeans and gold plated, crystal decorated Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Im thinking about the feeling you get just from a one coloured 10 dollar tank top, as long as the fit is right, and you have that cute bracelet from your boyfriend on your arm. Sometimes bed hair is the best, with that leather jacket you feel amazing, but showing up like that at your friends wedding might not make you feel all that wonderful.

Im going to each week put together one or more appearance kits (outfit, food, accessories, colours ++) for different occasions. Its not my budget, but its what id wear if i had a money tree.

Starting this week with:

LUNCH IN LA. Late lunch, the green tea is perfect, gently hot, one tea spoon sugar. Two spoons please, we'll share the ice cream xoxo

You coming with me Myriam?

What would you wear for an LA lunch?



Frenchie said...

Of course I am!!!!
order my green tea iced with soy milk ;)
here's my set for the occasion

lina.luka. said...

love the outfit... and i'm addicted to twinings green tea!!! :)
you should make a dinner in london outfit. hehe. nooo, i'm sooo not obsessed with london. ;P

Ash Twinkle said...

frenchie: youd look smashing in all that! lets gooo! i dreamt away for a second, seeing us drinking green tea in the afternoon summer sun. Ice cream is on the table, you're putting on your Victoria secret lopgloss while i say hi to a little dog passing our table. No doubt and Paramore are playing the next day and we just got the perfect outfits for the concert, so the rest of the day is ours to just relax and go for a beer with out boys later. ahh :) xxo

Ash Twinkle said...


"out boys" That could be a very short and chic version for "Fall Out Boys" But its not. "ouR boys" it is ^^ way better!

Ash Twinkle said...


Dinner in London outfit coming up!
Along with the girls top 10 (this needs some time, ive gotta think hard to get the right ones in the right place:)


Frenchie said...

haaaaaaaa ok take me to that moment in your time machine coz it sure looks great :D
"out boys" have a thing with Ts don't you ;)